Back in Our Day


Oops, I forgot to make the fourth speech bubble in the second panel typed. Sorry!


The Last City
Aaron: This is the tower you told me about?
Ghost: No, it’s a public restroom. That was sarcasm. It’s the tower.
Ghost: Ooh, a Pikachu!
The Speaker: Hello, Aaron. I have heard much about you. Listen.
Aaron: I’m sorry about whatever happened.
The Speaker: It is fine, just listen.
The Speaker: In your time, the Earth was not a spacefaring planet.
Russian Man: Небо выглядит красиво сегодня вечером. (The sky looks nice tonight.)
Russian Woman: Да. (Yes.)
The Speaker: Then, the Traveler came.
Russian Man: Ааа! Что это за фигня? (Aah! What the heck is that?)
The Speaker: To the reader: I could explain more, but I won’t.
The Speaker: You should stay here until we find a task for you.

Elrorus: I call this meeting to order.
Elrorus: I’d like to apologize about that net.
Elrorus: Next, the quest. I’d like some volunteers.
Elrorus: For the bearers themselves, I’ll let them contact their ally. The quest begins in a week.
Elrorus: Who will join the bearers in their quest?
Elrorus: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Demon Roach: That’s not the actual line in the movie.
Other Demon Roach: Shut up, we’re not supposed to be here.

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