Boredom is, like, the number something cause of teleportation in the world or something


I messed this part of the game up.


Aaron: This is more like it.
SFX: Confusing fight scene!
SFX: Aim!
SFX: Kill!
Sharkeatingman: We still have time before the sequel. This is going to be boring.
Varis: This is boring.
Sharkeatingman: This isn’t canon.
Ghost: Um…
Makeer: What the…
Shadowy Figure: Apologies, I shall remedy that.
Sharkeatingman: Whoa!
Ghost: Beep boop!
Sharkeatingman’s Ghost: Huh?
Aaron: Aaaaaaaahhh!
Epyk: Yikes!
Varis: ****
Masterous: Not again.
Makeer: ? Roar

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