And Now, For Something Completely Different

Meanwhile, somewhere near Louisville, Kentucky…


The video has a sort of weird camera angle. Sorry. Also, the picture of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is from here.


Robert Trent: I’m in.
SFX: punch x2
SFX: multiple gunshots
Robert Trent: I’m done.
Robert Trent: Thanks so much for your help.
Shawna Hancock: What? It looked like you had it under control.
Major Makar Volkov: Вы должны спорить все время? (Do you have to argue all the time?)
Robert Trent: We have what we need. What now?
Major Makar Volkov: Our instructions. “Deliver to me where the river burned.”
Shawna Hancock: Wait, I know a song about that. That’s in…
9:00 AM (5 hours later), Cleveland, Ohio.

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