The Battle of Dover


Dun dun DUNH!


Flash: We’re here.
Dover, UK.
Aaron: That gong, he’d maybe chase it…
Aaron: And we are on a cliff, and I have that moving-stone…
Aaron: Got it!
Aaron’s Eyes:
Kanjar Ro: Thorns? Hey!
Aaron: Catch!
Green Lantern: What?
Aaron: I sure hope this works.
Aaron: Aah! This isn’t gonna-
SFX: Sploosh!
Kanjar Ro: That’s mine!
SFX: pop
Kanjar Ro: NOOOOO! How did you-
Shark 1: Lookie ‘ere, ol’ chap!
Shark 2: Oi see ‘im! Poor bloke!
Green Lantern: Is he… is he gone?
Aaron: I think so.
SFX: pop
SFX: Pelagvs! Mortvs! Ocupavi!
Shadowy Figure: You did succeed.
Shadowy Figure: Now you fail!
Aaron: Darn it!
Varis: **** this!

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