Duh-NUH, Duh-NUH, Duh-NUH Duh-NUH Duh-NUH


Besach Samout is, I believe, Khmer for Sea Monster. I am not trying to derogate Cambodia by having the monsters be from there, however, I just think Khmer looks right for these creatures.


Epyk: Varis? You OK?
Epyk: It’s time to go! Lay on Hands!
Besach Samout One: មើល! មនុស្ស! (Look! Humans)
Besach Samout Two: វាជាពួកគេ! (It’s them!)
Besach Samout One: ស្លាប់! (Die!)
Varis: What the **** was that?
Counselor: It’s a “besach samout.”
Zanalf: We need to get to Fort Courage, and fast.

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