Gamma Gong




Kanjar Ro: DIE! Ow.
Kanjar Ro: Enough!
SFX: Paralyze!
Kanjar Ro: Bye!
Aaron, Varis, Superman: Grrrrr
SFX: Snap
Superman: I think we should team up.
Aaron: Good idea. Let’s go.
SFX: beep beep beep beep
SFX: Nat 1
Epyk: Grrrrrrr
SFX: 18!
On the Justice League Satellite:
Superman: I need backup. Can you spare a bit of time?
Green Lantern: Yep, OK.
Flash: Sounds good!
Batman: I’m Batman.
Back on Earth:
Scammer: The IRS has issued a warrant for your arrest. Please respond with your mother’s maiden name.
Superman: I hate scams like these!
SFX: Smash!
Superman: Oh, good. You’re here.
Kanjar Ro: London is mine!

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