That’s a Fire Hazard!


This is Chicago. The turtles were summoned by the Mask of the Reptile King.


May 15, 1930
Epyk, Aaron, Masterous, Varis: Aaah!
Sharkeatingman: Plane!
Makeer: ****
Sharkeatingman: River!
(Frogger joke)
Makeer: Where did these turtles come from?
Turtle: Grunt
Makeer: I didn’t ask for your input.
Louis Chaney: Excuse me for a moment?
Sharkeatingman: Hmm?
Louis Chaney: Give me all youse money. I have a gun and I’ll use it.
Sharkeatingman: That’s not a gun. This is a gun.
Louis Chaney: Huh?
Louis Chaney: I think youse are bluffing.
Louis Chaney: Oh **-
SFX: Boom
Sharkeatingman: With that out of the way…

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