This is Less Different

The man, who Robert assumed to be their employer, paused for a moment. Then, he started to speak. “When I was in kindergarten, I brought an autographed Cubs baseball to school. While I was waiting for the bus to go home, a fifth-grader took it and threw it at a third-grader. Everyone knew that I had brought it, so my teacher made me stay inside for recess for the rest of the year. She also said that no one could bring toys to school.”

Robert was understandably confused. “How does that lead to you losing your job?”

The other man nodded. “It doesn’t. I lost my job by mentioning Led Zeppelin during a battle. Anyway, that story relates to the Master’s plan relating to the computer you stole. We are going to capture people in New York and use that computer to control some military planes to attack several nations of which the US doesn’t have a high opinion. This will lead to a war, and also the banning of Arcane magic at least in the US. Not only that, but we may get-” He handed Robert a photograph from a newspaper- “this guy on our side. I have people in the airport capturing one of his friends as we speak.”


OK, the new character is named Omen Nonbonum, and he’s the guy in the first comic who shouted about how that comic was a Led Zeppelin song. Also, I’m sorry about the formatting.


Robert Trent: Why do you hate them so much?
Omen Nonbonum: I lost my job because of them. I’ll tell you how.

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