The Schism, Part 2

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I am, as you can tell, as adept at animating as I am at drawing.


Makeer: Why are you protecting her?

Epyk: She saved us.

Makeer: Didn’t I?

Epyk: Yes, and since we trust you, you came with us. Why shouldn’t we trust her?

Makeer: I just… Something feels off.

General Dalerielyssa: If I may? Your capture was not under my orders. However, if you still don’t trust me, you may leave.

Makeer: Fine. Varis, um… Robot guy! You with me?

Epyk: Did that go better or worse than expected?

General Dalerielyssa: Honestly, I don’t know. Your wizard is preparing a teleport scroll. We should get going.

Aaron: He’s ready.

Masterous: We’re going to the city in the south, right?

General Dalerielyssa: Yes.

Masterous: Ok. Sekoj ym no emit erom dneps ot deen i, siht daer nac uoy fi!

Masterous: What the?


Shadowy Figure: The pieces are falling into place… Everything is going as planned. *evil laughter*

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