The Schism

Aaron was understandably shocked. Dalerielyssa, the undead who had killed their captor (the captor may have worked for her, but it didn’t seem like they were friends,) had just killed five soldiers with… birds? explosions? a cat? Aaron didn’t know, and he wasn’t certain he particularly wanted to. One of the birds flew over to him. It cawed loudly, and bit through the ropes tying him to the… henge? Is that what it’s called? He didn’t know enough about this, considering-

“Do you need help getting up, or should I try to wake up your friends?“ asked Dalerielyssa.

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” Aaron replied. He stood up and cast Cure Wounds on himself.

Epyk was the first to awaken. She stood up as well, and used her paladin ability, Lay on Hands, to heal herself. She looked around, and, after a second, asked, “So, um, where are we?”

“We’re in the northern part of the Arathi Highlands. The nearest settlement is Refuge Pointe, but we’re not going there.” Epyk realized, for the first time, that Dalerielyssa was also there. She was surprised momentarily, but regained her composure quickly.

The wizard Masterous then awoke. He readied an evocation, a fire spell by the looks of it, but, after realizing he was safe, dispelled it. “I’m not sure who you are, but thank you for your help, whatever it was,” he declared, addressing Dalerielyssa.

Varis woke up next. Immediately, he transformed into a basilisk-like lizard. In the same breath, Makeer and Sharkeatingman woke up, though, more accurately, the latter turned on. They drew their weapons.

Makeer charged. His sais, however, were blocked by a shield, carried by Epyk.


What do people think about me writing as well as drawing?



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