Engluq Qiuryaq, Alaska

Population: 20-30 (Estimate 1990, possibly fewer)

Location: Approximately 57.4160511, -153.870935,20.02

Administration: Unknown, last known was Saida Yesbella

Ethnic Composition: Estimate 50% Alaska Native, 50% Elf

History: Engluq Qiuryaq was first documented in 1845 by an unknown Russian explorer. The island, protected by modern Alaskan maritime law, is largely unexplored: all attempts to do so were met with fierce Elven resistance. Some contact was established, but eventually broken. A Russian report of the island says that “Elves and Men live[d] here, and they keep us out.” It seems that once a year, in mid-June, a red aurora will appear above the island. Also, a spike in arcane radiation has been noted near the island, implying an Incarnum source.

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