Mesa del Mago, Arizona

Population: 503 (Permanent), 1,756 (Highest Recorded)

Location: 36.0139379, -114.2817635

Administration: Masauwu (nominally), Professor Roseann Lewis (officially)

Ethnic Composition: 57% White, 23% Hispanic/Latino, 15% Native American, 5% Elf

History: Mesa del Mago was founded sometime in the 12th century. Its original name is unknown. Upon the manifestation of Masauwu’s arcane abilities, the village supposedly rose from the canyon’s center to become a mesa. In 1530, the village was named, and the mission was built. In the first days of the Cold War, the CSSB bought the land surrounding the mesa. Despite being unable to legally purchase the mesa itself, the CSSB still built a research facility there. After the 1985 Ashill Referendum, when the CSSB was disestablished, the research station was kept by the newly-formed Collectors. Nowadays, due to its remoteness and the lack of government supervision, as well as its amenities, the site is something of a safe haven for fugitives, refugees, and spellcasters.

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