Sihno Brook, Alabama

Population: 1,193 (2016)

Location: Center of town is at 33.3999741, -86.5706265,832

Administration: Mayor Harvey Moore

Ethnic Composition: 74% White, 25% Black or African American, 1% Other

History: Sihno Brook was founded in 1540 by followers of Hernando de Soto. The brook was originally overlooked for its small size and proximity to larger bodies of water. However, a small deposit of gold was discovered there, leading to a camp being built. The camp was abandoned in 1541 after the gold’s depletion and retaken by the Albaamaha (Alabama). It was named after a mythological event in which several Alabama, all in their twenties, grew old after drinking from the brook. (The Alabama word for “old” is Sìhno.) The most notable event since its founding was Project Sìhno, in 1967, when the CSSB tried to replicate the purported aging using Incarnum. Said experiment was disastrous: from what little is declassified, 14 of the 26 subjects on whom there was any effect had their minds and bodies aged separately, leading to children in adults’ bodies or vice versa, and the other 12 vanished.

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