Declaration of the People’s Unity

or 17 Points

The following is necessary, or must be acknowledged, in order for there to be peace and prosperity for all people.

  1. That for too long, greed has been allowed to fester in men’s hearts,
  2. That the current system of economics in Stormwind, and throughout Azeroth (with several exceptions) causes more problems than it solves,
  3. That (nearly) all war, besides that which is against an existential threat (e.g. the Burning Legion), is a matter of the nobility and the bourgeoisie (rich non-nobility) sending the proletariat (workers) to fight for them, 
  4. That a system that allows anybody to perish through negligence is inherently flawed,
  5. That if somebody cannot afford basic necessities, currently, they are left without them, which is despicable,
  6. That private corporations and companies, as well as the nobility have excessive amounts of power,
  7. That many who claim to follow the teachings of the Light behave without some or any of its virtues of Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion.
  1. That a strong State, with leadership chosen by the people, be established,
  2. That the aforementioned State will be a completely equal and unified state, in which one’s Capital, or the circumstances of their birth, award them no influence,
  3. That the State will raise taxes and redistribute wealth in order to lessen poverty,
  4. That under the State all speech will be allowed unless said speech will cause harm,
  5. That the State will protect the people’s liberties,
  6. That the State will end all wars in which it is involved,
  7. That the State will eventually comprise of all people, including the Alliance and the Horde,
  8. That all people will be permitted to express grievances against the State.
  1. The Stonemasons’ Guild, later the Defias Brotherhood, had agreeable ideas, though their methods were too extreme.
  2. A violent revolution would be suitable only as a last resort. The best way for change to be brought about is peacefully.