Stuff I (and my friend) Made on Botnik

Botnik is a website where you can use predictive text to make absolutely no sense. It’s more fun than it sounds. Some of this might have mild language in it.

A Star Trek Episode

Picard nods grimly toward Picard. Jay Gordon is putting Geordi… He rises out of the apple. Worf takes a sip of light in his pocket. Suddenly, doors materialize inside Picard. Riker is embarrassed — his head is clearly very pretty. They exchange concerned looks at Lore: Data is now yellow and faint tunnel.

The Communist Manifesto (but weirder)

Bourgeois freedom and in particular property for capital lampoons have gone destroyed against marriage between proletariat exist equally inevitable for they support not a bit of existence. They still appeal they desire but express at an abolition for national struggles against private schools. “French radicals without class — what a new and thereby enslaved conditions!” True human nature and communist publications among all intoxicating proportion of labour.

A Review for the Statue of Liberty

Island ferry ($ 2/cup) of your visiting ellis/pedestal tour is not that different websites up into lines to go on up close she represents libertas.